Stand Up & Shout!

MiniBar Canada exists as a voice for women in the hospitality industry. We all deserve to operate in a workplace free from tyranny and oppression, discrimination, fear and prejudice, and our best defence is through numbers – our community fights for what’s right. We rise up to those who bully and belittle, who scare with abuse and ignorance, and we stand up for those we cannot.

The power of MiniBar Canada:

“There is always strength in numbers, strength within our community and amongst our family. The bartenders in British Columbia – and across Canada – have created special ties between eachother.  MiniBar Canada is another way to promote togetherness, strengthen our numbers and promote a positive community and work environment for everyone. We show the world that no one stands alone.”

“What does MiniBar Canada mean to me? It gives the opportunity for women to get together, form relationships, network, create friendships, partnerships and future business. It reinforces that we can reach farther if we support each other. A blend of Adéle + Beyoncé – sharing is caring.”

“MiniBar Canada is about celebrating women in the hospitality industry, recognizing their achievements and the community they helped to build.”

“MiniBar Canada is a space free of judgement and bias. It is a space where I can voice my opinion and feel like I am not just being heard, but understood. I believe MiniBar Canada will bridge that gap between women working in a ‘mans world’ and women seen as equals in a strong community.”

“MiniBar Canada is a chance to generate awareness and bring light to the issues women endure in hospitality, our industry is like none other and together we must stand to support each other in what it brings us and make a change for the future.”

“I’m excited that MiniBar Canada bring us all together. Sometimes it takes something huge to look outside of ourselves and see the bigger picture. Shared experiences creates the kinship needed to deflect the negativity that we all experience day to day.”

“Minibar Canada is all about creating a sense of community, and establishing a safe environment for women in the hospitality industry. The proverbial glass ceiling is easier to break when you’re supported by your peers.”