International Women’s Day 2017

Networking event, titled “Courage and Conviction” brings together women in the hospitality industry.

The who’s who of Vancouver’s hospitality scene will gather at Chambar Restaurant on March 8 to mark International Women’s Day at a networking event titled “Courage and Conviction: A Celebration of Bold Women”.

Women have a long, rich history in the hospitality industry, bringing both a playful and maternal instinct to bars, restaurants, cafés and associated manufacturers and steering an ever-growing industry towards higher levels of distinction.

Today, some of the highest and most important positions in the hospitality industry are held by women — those who started in the trenches, inspired by those around them, and the women they, in turn, have served to inspire. As Olympic Gold Medalist, Wilma Rudolph said, “Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.”

As women continue to prove themselves a powerful part of the social fabric, a local group of passionate women have developed the “Courage and Conviction” gathering as not only a celebration of women in the hospitality industry, but the first in a series of networking events specifically intended to motivate and encourage the next generation of women to aspire to even greater heights in the industry.

“We’re not only celebrating International Women’s Day at this event but championing those who inspire us,” says event organizer Lauren Mote, co-founder of Bittered Sling. “It’s time to make new friends, reconnect with old ones and be inspired to achieve your own idea of greatness. It dovetails perfectly with the theme of International Women’s Day in 2017, which is ‘Be Bold For Change’.”

Courage and Conviction: A Celebration of Hospitable Women will take place from 11:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Chambar Restaurant, 568 Beatty St. in Vancouver on March 8, with scheduled speakers and complimentary refreshments and snacks. All women working in the hospitality industry — front and back of house staff, business owners and managers, chefs, sommeliers, brewers/distillers, media, publicists and marketers/designers — are welcome to attend. While there is no cost for the event, donations made in any form to the Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter will be graciously accepted.

The featured speakers for Courage and Conviction will include: Alexandra Gill, Vancouver Restaurant Critic | The Globe and Mail; Robin Nance, Auchentoshan National Brand Ambassador| Beam Suntory; Karri Schuermans, Restauranteur | Chambar Restaurant; Nancy Chow, Clinical Nurse Leader | St. Paul’s Hospital Rapid Access Addiction Clinic; Shira McDermott, Co-founder | GRAIN; Wendy Boys, Owner & Chocolatier | Cocolico; Maria Paredes, Anti-Violence Advocate & Spokesperson | Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter.; Lauren Mote, Bartender/Co-proprietor | Bittered Sling.

Sponsors for the networking event include (in alphabetical order):
Auchentoshan Whisky, Beam Suntory, Big Rock Brewery, Bittered Sling, Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA), Chambar Restaurant, Hornitos Tequila, Jim Beam, MiniBar BC

The first International Women’s Day was held in 1911. Every year on March 8, thousands of events are held across the globe to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women while also championing advocacy for women’s rights and equality. 2017 marked an incredible demonstration by women around the world in the first annual “Women’s March on Washington”.

Attendance is limited; please register here to receive a complimentary ticket through Eventbrite.


About Courage and Conviction:
This marks the second instalment of networking events in as many years for International Women’s Day, pointing the spotlight into the hospitality community. Topics covered range from session to session, and operate as a series of inspirational workshops to help empower women in today’s world. Broad themes parallel the developments worldwide concerning discrimination, minority profiling, addictions, rights and freedoms, sexual harassment, assault and hate crimes, and local/global community empowerment.

About MiniBar BC: 
Our “philosophy” and “vision” is very simple – empower women in our industry through the power of community. With a series of events, meetings and engagements, we understand that our power is in numbers – the more women who believe in themselves, the more we can accomplish both personally and professionally. Each person involved in this group – it’s free to join, attend events and be part of our community – is in the hospitality industry. Bartenders make up the majority, but the group is available for everyone to take part, and not limited just to bartenders, servers, sommeliers, managers, chefs, cooks, support staff, guest services.

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