About Us

Our Group

Started by Canadian bartender Lauren Mote to spend our privilege, and bring the drinks industry closer together. The Mini Bar “philosophy” and “vision” are very simple – empower female-identifying she/they professionals in our industry through the power of community, awareness and education. Power develops in numbers – the more individuals who believe in themselves, the more we can accomplish, together.

Our Story

Each person involved in this group is a hospitality professional. Bartenders make up the majority, but the group is available for everyone to take part, and not limited just to bartenders, servers, sommeliers, managers, chefs, cooks, support staff, guest services.

One Community

Mini Bar Canada is a not-for-profit group, where 100% of proceeds go to charity. Each individual working on Mini Bar events does so entirely on a volunteer basis. Bartenders Amber Bruce, Chantelle Gabino, Katie Ingram, Kaitlyn Stewart, Lea Messier-Francois and Sabrine Dhaliwal are working on this year’s programming.

How to get involved?

Connect and “like” MiniBar Canada on Facebook and stay up to date on our events.

Women’s Awareness Week Vancouver March 4 – 10, 2019 – save the dates. Tickets release Feb. 18, 2019.

We see you. We acknowledge you.